Davis Dollars Rewards Program

We like to reward our patients and make it fun to have braces. At regularly scheduled appointments, our patients in braces can earn up to five Davis Dollars to buy cool prizes such as gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, Target and more. 

How Do You Earn Davis Dollars?

Earn one Davis Dollar for keeping your appointment and being on time, good oral hygiene, nothing loose or broken, and wear your Nathan Davis Orthodontics T-shirt to your appointment. If you earn all four Davis Dollars, you get a fifth one free!

How Can You Earn EXTRA Davis Dollars?

Referring a friend – When your friend sets up a complimentary exam, you earn 25 Davis Dollars and a movie pass.

Visiting your general dentist – Get your cleaning certificate signed at your routine dental cleaning and bring it to your next appointment for 10 Davis Dollars. (Two cleanings per year can be turned in for Davis Dollars.)

We have lots of cool prizes in our prize cabinet. You can buy something for as little as two Davis Dollars, or save up for something big!